About Us

About us.

Netsanet BV is a trade and consultancy company serving the Metal Industry.

Established in 2006, we are located in Alkmaar, the Netherlands and from there we work in Middle East and North West Europe.

Our roots are in Mechanical Engineering and goes back more than 30 years.
Netsanet staff have over 20 years experience in the Middle East.

What do we offer:

Mechanical Spares, Services and Sourcing

Mechanical Spares.

We have been successful in replacing OEM parts by quality parts direct from the producers.

All our partners are re-known producers of specific products, either commodities or custom designed with focus on reliability, and cost reduction per ton of material processed.

We can improve the performance of your existing mechanical components by applying different materials, thermal treatment processes, and geometric enhancements.


– Reverse Engineering:

Many times there are no drawings available of spare parts. By means of reverse engineering Netsanet is able to offer you the required interchangeable components.

– Processing Line Analyses:

In order to optimize the performance of your processing lines your parts must be in perfect condition, and must be installed according to the optimum settings. We offer performance checks of equipment and optimization of settings on site.

– Training and education:

Netsanet BV has an exhaustive network of specialists who can provide any kind of training on site.

Maintenance, Reconditioning, and Setting of tooling like knives, rolls, leveler cassettes, and coil slitting arbors, are typical subjects for such a training.


– Used and Revamped Processing Equipment

Netsanet offers used processing equipment for your operations. Grinding Machines, and various complete Production Lines.

Only high quality brands in excellent condition, and modified to meet your specific requirements.

– Open Market Spare Parts.

Netsanet offers open market sourcing for spare parts in order to widen your range of suppliers and to reduce extended lead times. It also enables you to go around certain protective marketing and distribution constructions.

– Mass Product Sourcing

Netsanet supplies high volumes of commodities. We can help you to improve the performance of those spares or to reduce purchase prices.