Brake Wheels

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Xtek “Steel Safe” brake wheels are superior to all others because they are designed mechanically and metallurgically to provide long, safe operation. Each Xtek brake wheel is machined from forged steel and heat treated in our in-house furnaces to provide optimum wear and resistance to thermal cracking.

Xtek Brake Wheels are:

  • Manufactured from forged low carbon alloy steel, not cast steel or iron
  • Dynamically machine balanced to minimize vibration
    Two-plane analysis
    Machined (no welded weights)
  • Heat treated to withstand thermal fatigue

Advantages of Xtek forged brake wheels:brakewheels

  • High resistance to fracture (catastrophic failure)
  • High resistance to wear
  • High resistance to thermal cracking
  • Delivery in 6-8 weeks, less when required
  • Competitive price