Anode Production

 Anode Production.

Bradley Lifting equipment dramatically improves the safety and efficiency of maintaining carbon bake furnaces.

 Flue Wall Maintenance for Anode Bake Furnaces

The carbon anodes used in aluminum smelting are heated in very deep pit furnaces. There are dozens of individual pits in a “bake” furnace and maintaining the refractory lined walls of the pits is a time consuming and potentially dangerous task. Maintenance personnel often use ordinary ladders to climb into the pits, assess the condition of the refractory and make repairs.

Bradley Lifting has developed a number of specialty lifting devices for maintaining the bake furnace pits. A mobile pit platform is one example. The platform eliminates the ladder and provides a motorized platform for maintenance personnel to safely descend into the pit with their tools and inspect the furnace walls.

Other equipment is available from Bradley Lifting for cleaning and straightening the furnace walls. When the time comes to replace entire walls, Bradley Lifting has developed below-the-hook lifters for pit wall demolition and installing new walls.

For anode block handling, Bradley Lifting can provide many varieties of Tongs that lift either a single block or multiple blocks at one time (i.e. “bookending”).