Smelting / Casting

Smelting / Casting.

For cleaning debris from smelting pots, Bradley Lifting supplies Tongs made from stainless steel, often the material of choice for its non-magnetic properties.
Bradley Lifting has produced many variations of crucible tilt bails for handling molten aluminum; these specialty Lifting Beams are fitted with J-Hooks, on-board tilt winches and safety limit switches.

Whether casting ingots (sheet or “T”), billets or sows, Bradley Lifting can provide any number of different lifting devices for safe and efficient material handling.

These lifters include Tongs; Telescoping Drive Lifters; and Lifting Beams that perform the following functions:

  • Ingot & billet down-ending
  • Mold stripping
  • Adapters for lift truck handling of material
  • Stacking and moving multiple ingots or billets
  • Furnace charging
  • Mold handling