Mill Pinions

Mill Pinions.

Xtek mill pinions have a record of service unrivaled by any other manufacturer in the world, and our commitment to continuous improvement has resulted in the highest quality mill pinion product available today. Our customers strive to increase production and at Xtek, we are always working to help them meet that goal.pinion-gearbox-lg

The demanding service environment dictates that the most thorough engineering analysis be performed in evaluating design options. At Xtek, we take this responsibility to the highest level, strictly adhering to established ANSI/AGMA 2001-C95 specifications. We make the extra effort to ensure that each application is maximized to facilitate operational improvements.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing provides the capability to manufacture and heat treat pinions up to 55+ inches in diameter. A 2.6-meter Hofler grinding machine enables Xtek to produce world-class precision pinions that meet or exceed AGMA 12 specifications. Each new design is thoroughly examined to ensure mechanical integrity, utilizing the latest design software to include FEA analysis SDRC Master Series™ and PowerGear™ design package. Each pinion set is bench run tested to ensure proper gear meshing prior to shipment to our customer.Hofler-closeup-lg