NKMZ Rolls

NKMZ Rolls.

NKMZ Roll Industry has been in business for more than 80 years now. Currently the Roll Manufacturing company is part of the private  industrial conglomerate NKMZ in Ukraine.

Solid-forged backup rolls and sleeves of sleeved back-up rolls are produced of highly quality alloyed vacuum-degassed steels, providing high surface hardness, hardened depth of layer of more than 70 mm.

Work rolls for cold rolling mills are manufactured of high-quality alloyed grades of steel, which are deeply vacuum-degassed during pouring. They are distinguished by high hardening depth of 45 mm.

Rolls for blooms, billet and bar mills are reknown for high performance characteristics aswell as for metal quality, mechanical properties and hardness, which ensure increased wear resistance during operation.

New methods of production are implemented, like double-layer rolls, where the working layer is made of high-speed or of high-chromium steel. The rolls are manufactured by means of electroslag facing of working surface layer with hot metal.

NKMZ is extending its market share gradually by offering the market the ideal price performance rolls for all mills.