Industrial Gear Boxes

Industrial Gear Boxes.idnustrial-gearbox

With a background as the industry leader in providing custom gears and replacement gearing for demanding applications, Xtek can manufacture or repair gearboxes to meet or exceed the original design specifications. Our engineers can provide a failure analysis, reverse engineer components or recommend specific improvements for upgrading the performance of your existing gearbox. Our goal is not just to build or rebuild your gearbox, but to manufacture a product that provides additional capability and requires less cost to maintain.

Advantages of Xtek new and rebuilt gearboxes: 

  • Custom designed gearboxes that can replace your existing equipment without costly modifications
  • Industry standard gear cutting tooling
  • Run tested to monitor gear contact, noise, vibration and temperature
  • Emergency repair service on all OEM designs

Manufacturing capabilities:

  • Full complement of gear cutting machine tools through 220″ diameter
  • In house custom gear carburizing and hardening, through hardening
  • Gear grinding to AGMA 12 specifications